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  Publication Date : 01/2008
  Price : $29
  ISBN : 9781932800319
  Number of Pages : 344 
Women Who Write
by Lucinda Irwin Smith
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Lucinda Irwin Smith has written four books including Growing Up Female and Movie Palaces. She has written extensively about architecture and design, and her articles and book reviews have been published in Architectural Digest, The Los Angeles Times, and Interiors Magazine. For seven years, she was the Senior Writer & Editor at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. She and her colleague, Dr. Jerry Jellison, a USC Professor of Psychology, are co-authoring a book on the business of personal relationships from a feminist and historical perspective.


"The women writers interviewed by Lucinda Irwin Smith write because they have a story to tell whether in fact or fiction. Smith's penetrating questions bring answers as varied as the writing styles of these pen wielders. An inspiring collection."

Frances Kroll Ring
Author, "Against the Current"

"Lucinda Smith's collection of interviews displays a lifetime of thoughtful and keen reflection, a vision that has matured with her commitment as a working writer. She discovers what's solid in us and herself, ever reminding the reader of her shared interest and ultimate stake in the world as written experience."

Paul Vangelisti
Chair, Graduate Writing
Otis College of Art & Design