Accounting Research: Notes and Perspectives

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Accounting Research: Notes and Perspectives

Yaniv Konchtchki


This book is based on the two PhD-level financial accounting research courses required as part of the accounting PhD studies at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. The book covers leading mainstream research studies in accounting, finance, and economics, with an emphasis on financial accounting. The financial accounting studies covered in the book were considered as classics by my faculty at Stanford. This book simply provides brief descriptions of the hypotheses, findings, and research design of key research studies. It does not attempt to assess the quality of the research studies, as well as it is unedited and based on rough summaries and notes. The book can be helpful for current/prospective PhD students and professors in the area who search for general references. It can also be used by general students and scholars who are interested in learning how accounting research studies look like. In addition, it can be helpful for managers, investment experts, and hedge fund professionals who want to get familiar with rigorous capital markets research and/or get general ideas about forming trading strategies based on such research. I appreciate comments and suggestions from three anonymous referees, as well as from Chris Armstrong, Scott Joslin, and Gil Sadka.

Publication DateMay 1, 2013 ISBN: 9781932800517 Number of Pages 186
Author Biography
About the Author: Professor Yaniv Konchitchki specializes in interdisciplinary capital markets research, focusing on the usefulness of accounting information through its links to macroeconomics (e.g., inflation; gross domestic product) and valuation (e.g., financial statement analysis; cost of capital; asset pricing). Before receiving a PhD from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, he was a CPA and Senior Financial Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers as well as a Senior Investment and Economic Expert at the Securities Authority.
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