Agony in New Haven: The Trial of Bobby Seale, Ericka Huggins, & the Black Panther Party

Donald Freed


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Publication DateApril 1, 2008 ISBN: 9781932800326 Number of Pages 362
Author Biography
About the Author: Donald Freed has been awarded the 2006 P.E.N Drama Prize for his Devil's Advocate. Donald Freed's plays, prizes, books, and films include Inquest (directed for Broadway be Alan Schneider); Secret Honor (produced and directed by Robert Altman for stage and screen--winner of the Berlin Critics' Price); Circe & Bravo (Directed by Harold Pinter, with Faye Dunaway); Veteran's Day (with Jack Lemmon with Michael Gambon); The White Crow: Eichmann in Jerusalem. Books include: Agony in New Haven; Executive Action (novel and film with Dalton Trumbo and Mark Lane); The Glasshouse Tapes; The Spymaster (Book of the Month selection); In Search of Common Ground (with Erik Erikson, Kai Erikson, Huey P. Newton); The Existentialism of Albterto Moravia (with Joan Ross); Death in Washington: The Murder of Orlando Letelier. New books, plays, and films include: Is he Still Dead? (with Julie Harris as Nora Joyce); Love and Shadows (from the novel by Isabel Allende); Sokrates Must Die (with Edward Asner); a new novel, Every Third House; and three new plays: The Eistein Plan; Hamlet (in rehearsal); and Patient No. 1. Donald Freed has been Playwright in Residence at the University of Leeds, and York Theatre Royal, in the U.K., 2006-2008. He was a member of the MPW Program at the University of Southern California from 1985 to 2007.
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