Clerical Errors

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Clerical Errors

Richard Fliegel


This book is a collection of Richard Fliegel’s previous mystery novels and short stories, including “Nachman in Uman,” “A Midrash on Murder,” “Time to Kill,” “A Minyan for the Dead,” and “The Golem of Bronx Park West.”

Publication DateJune 2005 ISBN: 9781932800074 Number of Pages 613
Author Biography
Richard Fliegel is the author of seven detective novels and has also written for television, including Star Trek: The Next Generation. He grew up in the Bronx by Allerton Avenue. For twenty years, he has lived among the postcards in Southern California, where he is the Assistant Dean of Academic Programs for USC College and teaches a freshman seminar on 'Writing to be Read.' He has also served as the unlikely President of Sha'area Am: The Santa Monica Synagogue.
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