Correcting Errors in Pronunciation

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Correcting Errors in Pronunciation

Dr. Julietta Shakhbagova
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Correcting Errors in Pronunciation is NOT a textbook—it is a RESOURCE MANUAL, a “how to” book designed to offer various techniques and tips on correcting errors in pronunciation. This manual comes with a three-hour DVD.

Why use it?
• It is a pronunciation teaching tool for every ESL/EFL teacher.
• The book and DVD are easy to follow and can be used as a resource in any type of class that has a speaking component, in all levels, and with all types of learners.
• It enables you to help your students improve their pronunciation. They will love you for it!

What is special about this pronunciation manual?
• It offers easy to follow techniques and tips on correcting errors in pronunciation typically made by learners of about 20 languages.
• It offers remedial techniques that take minimal time to perform – just long enough to achieve their aim.
• It offers tips that can be effortlessly integrated with regular class work.
• It offers a plethora of reference and supplemental material to spice up your regular class work.
• Anyone can understand and use it – novice and experienced teachers alike.

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Publication Date12/2008 ISBN: 9781932800395 Number of Pages 233
Author Biography
Dr. Julietta Shakhbagova is a linguist specializing in English phonetics/phonology. In addition to serving as Chair of the Department of English Phonetics at the renowned Moscow Linguistic University in Russia, she has more than 35 years of teaching experience. She is the author of over 50 publications (textbooks, manuals, dictionaries, scientific articles, and TESOL conference presentations) focusing on American English phonetics/phonology. She was awarded a Fulbright grant for research and lecturing in the United States. Presently, Dr. Shakhbagova is Associate Professor of Clinical Education at the USC Rossier School of Education where she teaches graduate level TESOL/TEFL students Applied Linguistics: Teaching American English Pronunciation.
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1 review for Correcting Errors in Pronunciation

  1. Andrzej

    I’ve definitely heard this intanotion from my relatives in Western PA, and I may even do it myself from time to time (Philly suburbs, grew up in South Jersey), but it also seems to me that this intanotion is used in Amish speech, if I’m understanding you correctly. Of course, the Amish in PA are also known as Pennsylvania Dutch (one of my grandmothers came from that heritage), so is this what you’re talking about as far as the German influence?

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