Emily D. and Me

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Emily D. and Me

Lucinda Smith


Ada Oates is fifteen years old. She’s stuck in Suburbia with the memory of her deceased mother, a father who’s dating, and a grandmother who’s obsessed with faux french and facelifts. Ada not only dreams of a better name but also of a loftier life; the life of an idealized writer from the past. Enter Emily Dickinson, a frustrated fashionista and mischievous muse. Bored with her infamous long white dess, Emily D. invades Ada’s closet and also her world. When Emily starts texting about everything including Ada’s boyfriend Jack, Ada wonders if having her own BFF superstar poet is all it’s cracked up to be. Written with humor, a sprinkling of poetry and surprise literary cameo appearances, Emily D. and Me reflects on the challenges, the joys, and the commitment of a writer’s life.

Publication Date07/2014 ISBN: 9780182175499 Number of Pages 196
Author Biography
Lucinda Smith is the author of five non-fiction books including Growing up Female and Movie Palaces. Her book, Women Who Write, features a collection of interviews with 34 contemporary authors. She has written extensively about fashion, art, and architecture. Lucinda lives in Los Angeles.
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