Enemy Amongst Trojans: A Soviet Spy at USC

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Enemy Amongst Trojans: A Soviet Spy at USC

Mike Gruntman


A part-time instructor in the University of Southern California (USC) vanished from a California beach in 1945. Several years later the U.S. Congress described him as an important Soviet spy whose true identity remained a mystery. The recently declassified documents and publications bring to light many details of the events and reveal what happened to this enigmatic “rezident” of the Soviet military intelligence in Los Angeles. The story includes defection of a Soviet code clerk in Canada, the recruitment of agents by the spy and his achievements as a USC student, fraudulent passports and the Spanish civil war, FBI investigation, and secret messages. The Soviet homeland did not treat well the spy on his return. In the end, the state-directed anti-Semitism has brought him to a point of leaving the country that he had served so loyally all his life.

Publication Date08/2010 ISBN: 9781932800746 Number of Pages 78
Author Biography
Mike Gruntman is professor of astronautics in the Viterbi School of Engineering of the University of Southern California. He is actively involved in R&D programs in space science and space technology. Dr. Gruntman has authored and co-authored more than 200 publications in the areas of astronautics, space physics, space technology, scientific instrumentation, space sensors, astronautical education, and rocket and space history. His book Blazing the Trail. The Early History of Spacecraft and Rocketry (published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2004) received the 2006 Luigi Napolitano Award from the International Academy of Astronautics.
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