Engaged Learning: Preparing for Professional Practice

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Engaged Learning: Preparing for Professional Practice

Murali D. Nair


This book is simultaneously affective and holistic, appreciative and valuing, experiential and transformative. Students who experience engaged learning report that they leave their classrooms knowing clearly what is expected of them and how to perform their work skillfully. In this book, authors offer specific strategies that can be used to create the space for students to get involved in service learning activities that bring together acquired knowledge, skills and abilities while increasing capacity for growth. This book is full of scenarios as illustrations for a broad audience of students and practitioners to illustrate relevant topics. Literally hundreds of students and practitioners have contributed in some way to the ideas and illustrations presented in this book. Experiences reported and illustrated in the book are drawn from the wide range of these situations often present in professional practice including social work, education, business, engineering, liberal arts, humanities, social sciences, community activism, and health care and others. Questions for deliberation and continuing conversation are intended to stimulate meaningful dialogue and provoke new thinking about relevant issues. Structured activities will help students and instructors increase utilization of engaged learning strategies. Instructions for effective use of reflective journals as a tool for learning also provided. Further readings and website information are also provided for those who wish to know more about engaged learning and related topics. Where appropriate, authors provide forms and general templates that can be adapted to a particular agency or organizations use. This book will be a valuable reference for those who desire to maximize their contributions working in professional practice, especially those students and new entrants to careers.

Publication DateAugust 1, 2013 ISBN: 9780182155903 Number of Pages 155
Author Biography
About the Author: Murali D. Nair, Senior Fulbright Scholar is a Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California School of Social Work. Prior to that Murali was a professor at Cleveland State University for 20 years, which included serving as the director of the School of Social Work. From there, he received the Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching, the Distinguished Faculty Award for Service and the Multicultural Leadership Award. Murali has written, edited and co-authored 10 books and produced eight short documentaries on different aspects of learning and community invovlment. Columbia University where Murali received his doctorate, recently inducted him into their school of social work hall of fame for his exemplary leadership in social work education and his exceptional professional achievements. Unni K.Nair has over a decade of experience in the private and non-profit sectors as a consultant, entrepreneur and corporate manager. He has worked with diverse stakeholders through the United Nations Global Compact, Bain Capital, Duke University, Accenture, PWC and launched a technology start-up focused on assisting non-profit organizations. Currently, Unni is a Sustainability Manager at technology giant, Cisco Systems, Inc. Unni received his MBA degree in Sustainability and Organizational Behavior at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.
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