Medical Aesthetic Practice

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Medical Aesthetic Practice

Donn Hickman, Peter Pugliese, Julia Pettis


Medical Aesthetic Practice: Knowledge, skills, and competencies have been carefully developed for physicians and registered nurses in collaboration to perform procedures and treatments that enhance or correct various skin conditions. The most comprehensive-friendly aesthetic textbook. Great learning and review features include key terms listed in the chapter, critical thinking exercises, clinical research questions and professional treatment plans. The most complete and cutting-edge information available. Volume 1 will introduce the skin care specialist to the fundamentals in 12 areas of skin science and then cover specific areas of Functional Cosmetics and Skin Penetration, Cosmeceuticals, Chemical Peels, and Small Vessel Sclerotherapy. Provides knowledge, skills, competencies, and supervised work experience to practice professional skin care through standardized protocols in the specialty area of medical aesthetics. Specific knowledge of setting up an aesthetic medical practice, knowledge and safety issues for equipment and storage of chemicals. Basics of marketing, interviewing, malpractice, role of the medical director, professional conduct, and professional organizations.

Publication DateJuly 10, 2013 ISBN: 9781932800982 Number of Pages 561
Author Biography
About the Author: Dr. Donn Hickman has been in Private Practice since 1984 and performs a wide range of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procures for the face and body. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and secondarily, by the American Board of Surgery. He received his Plastic Surgery training under D. Ralph Millard Jr., MD, the innovator of many cleft lip procedures, and pioneer in Plastic Surgery of the 20th century. Dr. Peter T. Pugliese earned his Doctor of Medicine in 1957 from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The following year, he entered private practice in rural Berks County, Pennsylvania, where he practiced family medicine for 22 years. Since 1972, Dr. Pugliese has engaged in the study of skin physiology and has made discoveries which have influenced the course of professional skin care around the globe. Julia Pettis is the President/CEO of Medical Aesthetic Training of California, Inc. Julia is currently licensing her Aesthetic Nursing program to top tier Institutions throughout the USA, with the intent to expand internationally. Her program will constitute the first truly comprehensive College of Medical Aesthetics for registered nurses who want to collaborate with physicians to perform procedures and treatments on patients who seek elective improvement in skin conditions, or the appearance of the face and body and address common skin disorders
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