The American War Film : History and Hollywood

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The American War Film : History and Hollywood

Frank J. McAdams


“The films in this book come alive, fed by life and feeding life. The text is as much narration and revelation as it is exposition.”
E.M. Nathanson, author of The Dirty Dozen, A Dirty Distant war, Knight’s Cross


“War is drama and drama is what films are all about. Frank McAdams’ book The American War Film gives the reader a lively tour of America’s wars as told in nearly a century of movies, showing how fact has often mutated into fantasy or propaganda and occasionally emerged as accurate history. This is an insightful and entertaining read about war and film by someone who has experienced both.”
Dennis Piszkiewicz, author of Wernher von Braun: The Man Who Sold the Moon and Terrorism’s War with America: A History

Publication Date08/2005 ISBN: 9781932800104 Number of Pages 557
Author Biography
Frank McAdams served as an officer with the 1st Marine Division in Vietnam where he earned two personal decorations. Presently, he is an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California, Department of Cinema/TV and an instructor in the UCLA Extension Writers Program. He is also the recipient of two Sam Goldwyn screenwriting awards.
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