The Enlightened Classroom

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The Enlightened Classroom

Meg Gorzycki


The Enlightened Classroom addresses the need to improve formal instruction in critical thinking at all levels of instruction. The discussion provides insights to the historical and contemporary obstacles to this practice and discusses the political and personal agendas that help and hinder the advancement of critical thinking in the classroom and in the general operations of program development. The text conceptualizes critical thinking in the context of a democratic society and places the principles of the Enlightenment and global considerations at the center of problem-solving.

Publication Date07/2014 ISBN: 9781932800906 Number of Pages 475
Author Biography
Meg Gorzycki is currently a faculty consultant with the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development at San Francisco State University. She has taught social studies at the high school and university levels, been a director for curriculum and faculty development, dean of students, and vice-principal. She taught at the University of Rostov in Russia in 1992 and has presented various workshops in pedagogical development in the United States and Saudi Arabia.
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