USC’s First Book of Lists and Urban Legends

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USC’s First Book of Lists and Urban Legends

Compiled by Annette Moore


The University of Southern California’s 125th anniversary in 2005 has provided a prime incentive for members of the Trojan Family to reflect upon the noble institution that brought them together.  Those historians among us have set themselves to chronicling milestone after milestone to explain just how – in 125 short years – an audacious pipsqueak of a school, located on the outskirts of a dusty frontier town, blossomed into one of the most influential universities in the world.  We heartily applaud their high aims but gladly leave them to their task.  The volume is a labor of an entirely different sort.  Here we seek to accumulate those odds and ends that, seemingly for no good reason, staunchly persist in the minds of those whose fates have become intertwined with the destiny of our great university.

From the introduction.

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Publication Date2005 ISBN: 9781932800128 Number of Pages 389
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