Wyndmere Wind-Rows: Memories of Growing up on the Dakota Plains

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Wyndmere Wind-Rows: Memories of Growing up on the Dakota Plains

Elsie Kuchera Muske


This is a book of haunting memoir vignettes written by 97 year old Elsie Kuchera Muske, chronicling the lives of the members of her family and people in the tiny town of Wyndmere, North Dakota, in the 1920’s and 30’s. Her parents were the children of immigrants – Czech, German, Norwegian – who farmed the rich black loam of North and South Dakota and prospered until the Great Drought and Depression struck. These restrained and poignant vignettes, composed in clear plain style, highlight human characters of such strength, will power and generosity that they are nearly unrecognizable to us in the 21st century. The power of their devotion to work, to family loyalty — in bounty or adversity – their humor and understatement – light these pages. The author’s mother, Frances Talich Kuchera, comes alive in beauty, vivacity and unforgettable strength. The introduction and after-word to the book are written by the author’s daughter, Carol Muske-Dukes, USC professor, former poet laureate of California.

Publication Date12/2013 ISBN: 9780182168514 Number of Pages 114
Author Biography
ELSIE KUCHERA MUSKE was born in 1916 on a farm in Wyndmere, North Dakota, one of the seven children of John Kuchera and Frances Talich Kuchera. Elsie Kuchera Muske cultivated a lifelong passion for poetry and literature, which she shared with her six children and her husband, William H. Muske - all of St. Paul, Minnesota. WYNDMERE WIND-ROWS was written while Elsie was a student at Metro University in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1980. WYNDMERE WIND-ROWS. She is now 97 years old - this is her first published book. Carol Muske-Dukes edited WYNDMERE WIND-ROWS and wrote the introduction and afterword. She is a poet, novelist and essayist and professor of English/Creative Writing at the University of Southern California and former poet laureate of California.
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